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Treatment Options for Brain Tumors

Only 30% of brain tumors are malignant, yet they rank as the eighth most common cancer in people aged 40 years and older. When faced with a brain tumor, you need a skilled doctor and information about your treatment options. That’s where we can help.

Sep 8th, 2020
What is Spinal Stenosis?

Are you having problems with back or neck pain? How about tingling, numbness, or weakness in your arms or legs? It could be spinal stenosis. Find out what that is and how a medical specialist can help.

Aug 9th, 2020
Can A Herniated Disc Heal On Its Own?

If you are suffering from the pain of a herniated disc, you might be wondering if it could heal on its own with enough ice, rest and Advil. The answer is that it depends on the circumstance.

Mar 21st, 2019
Understanding the Basics of ALIF

Spinal surgery can be approached in various different ways, depending on the needs, goals and the anatomy of each patient. Spinal fusion, for example, can be performed from different angles, each with their own set of risks and benefits.

Mar 5th, 2019
What Is Microdiscectomy?

Microdiscectomies are one of my specialties, and they are especially effective as a treatment for patients who are experiencing the pain and tingling that results from a herniated disc in their spine.

Feb 21st, 2019
Can ACDF Relieve Your Chronic Neck Pain?

One of the methods that I sometimes suggest to patients to alleviate chronic neck pain is a surgical procedure known as anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF).

Dec 27th, 2018
Do You Suffer from Facet Joint Syndrome?

Back or neck pain can originate in the facet joints of your spine, leading to a condition called facet joint syndrome. Unlike other causes of back or neck pain, facet joint syndrome pain may be sporadic or intermittent.

Dec 4th, 2018
What Is Interventional Spine Medicine?

Interventional spine medicine is an innovative approach to treating back pain. Using a holistic approach, the medical team—which could be made up of a spinal surgeon such as myself, a physical therapist, a pain management specialist ...

Nov 6th, 2018